Sky Stories & Earth Treasures – July Special Exhibit Gallery Show – June 29, 2021

June 28th, 2021

“Sky Stories & Earth Treasures” will feature the acrylic paintings of Ken Wiggins and paper sculptures from artist, Linda Majewski, in the Special Exhibit Gallery at The Palette & The Page from June 29th through July 30th.
Ken Wiggins majored in art at the University of Delaware. He worked professionally for about fifteen years as an art director/creative director in various advertising agencies in Wilmington and Baltimore before taking a different career direction as a military officer. His recent work has been focused on sea and sky. Those subjects offer thousands of possibilities and offer the freedom to simply push color around on canvas and see what happens. Ken does this because it is fun! He loves the happy accident (which compensates for his imperfect technical skills).
Ken is a stalwart supporter of the Cecil County Public Library and will be donating all of the profits from his sales to CCPL!
Dimensional paper artist Linda Majewski creates naturally-inspired paper botanicals. With nature as inspiration, Linda designs fanciful flora evocative of their real-life counterparts. Using paints, inks, and dyes, she colors a variety of paper types and then assembles each piece by hand. Linda specializes in succulents and has recently branched out into flowers and bonsai. She is a current member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen and the First State Craft Guild.