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“Why watch other people’s news when you can watch your own?”

Cecil TV is the only media service in Cecil County producing television coverage featuring Cecil’s people and events. We are aggressively expanding our coverage and our offerings. Our slogan is intended to attract viewers but it should also have an important meaning to advertisers. Cecil County has always had limited media options for advertisers and those that specifically target Cecil can be costly. What’s more – the local consumer’s attention is increasingly spread  thin by the ubiquitous presence of the internet. So, not only is it harder to reach local customers, they may bypass local businesses entirely and buy from an online source.

While Cecil TV probably can’t take down Amazon, we offer an excellent opportunity to improve your reach to our community. Together, we will build a vital information resource for all our businesses, schools, organizations and neighbors.

Viewers are watching Cecil TV on Facebook, Youtube and at plus we reach 50,000 homes on Comcast 190 and Armstrong 225!