State Trooper fatally shoots man, Sheriff’s deputy is wounded during “fight in progress” call.

July 12th, 2021

A 24 year old man is dead following an exchange of gunfire at a the Chesapeake Ridge apartment complex in North East. During the exchange, the Sheriff’s deputy was non-critically wounded. An unidentified Sheriff’s deputy and two MSP troopers responded to a “fight in progress” call shortly after 3:00 PM Sunday afternoon. Upon arrival at the scene the three officers overheard fighting from within the apartment and repeatly announced their presence to the occupants. With no response, they entered the apartment through an unlocked door. According to MSP, shots were fired at the officers from within the apartment, wounding the deputy. One of the troopers returned fire, killing one of the occupants and the three officers retreated from the apartment for cover.

An EMS alert at 3:54 said that the Sheriff’s deputy received a gun shot wound in the arm and was transported to trauma care by police. For several hours, the area around the Chesapeake Ridge apartments was closed off while a very large number of police and other agencies responded to the scene.

The MSP Homicide unit is conducting an investigation of the incident and the Cecil County State’s attorneys office is at the scene.

The MSP Trooper who fired his gun has been placed on administrative leave, per normal process and the other trooper has been placed on administrative duty. As is normal following a police involved shooting, the incident will be investigated by the State Police Internal Affairs Unit.

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