Cecil TV: 2020 Chamber of Commerce Candidates Forum – County Executive

March 2nd, 2020

Cecil TV:  2020 Chamber of Commerce Candidates Forum - County Executive

Cecil TV: 2020 Chamber of Commerce Candidates Forum - County Executive

Important Note: The forum for County Executive candidates rotated questions 1 through 4 so that each question/response was followed by a different question/response for a different candidate. Cecil TV has grouped the responses to follow the respective question. We believe, for the purpose of comparing responses, that it results in a clearer presentation of the candidates’ positions. Candidate responses are presented in full with no edits. Thanks.

Question 1: The citizens of Cecil County followed state prescribed procedures to create and adopt the Comprehensive Plan to guide development within county borders. First, what is your assessment of the Comprehensive Plan and second do you believe there is a need for change and if yes, what change?

Question 2: What do you think are the most significant public safety issues that must be confronted? Please explain your answer.

Question 3: Some sections of road front on Route 40 are not the most asthetically pleasing. Can anything be done to correct this and if so, what?

Question 4: Do you believe the current tax rates should be lowered, stay the same, or be raised. Please explain. If you believe taxes should be lowered, by how much? How much revenue would be lost due to this tax reduction? What departments or services will you reduce?

Question 5: The largest segment of the County’s operating budget is allocated for education. Included in this allocation are public school system, public library system and Cecil College. Does the Cecil County operating budget provides sufficent funding for our local education institutions? Please provide a rationale. And are the graduates of Cecil County Public Schools and Cecil College college or career ready?

Question 6: When you determine the allocation of resources, please rank the following in the order of importance with “1” being your most critical consideration and so on with “6” being lowest priority in your view. ____Economic Development ____Safety and Security ____Education ____Infrastructure ____Poverty ____Healthy and Active Living

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